Hardcore beating today! (8/12/14)

Starting the day off I was already nervous because it was the first full day back from Austin and getting on track. Those days are usually the hardest!

But, I woke up at 4:30 as planned and went to the gym. I was able to get some cardio in at the gym and started a new training app. It is the app called “C25K free”. It trains you through the weeks to be able to build your endurance and do a 5K. Which works out perfectly because there is a glow in the dark 5K in November that I would like to do and participate in. If anyone would like to do it with me let me know! Therefore, that is my goal is to make it through this training app

Throughout the day at work, I did eat well. My meals throughout the day included:
Breakfast: 2 eggs
Snack: pretzels and peanut butter
Lunch: chicken salad
Snack: green apple
Dinner: skinny taste healthy chicken nuggets with a baked sweet potato

When getting home from working 12 hours and having dinner, me and the girls tried insanity for the first time tonight! Needless to say, it kicked our butt! It had me sweating so much and was much more difficult than I expected. But, that’s okay because it will show great results and be completely worth it in the end! I did 45 minutes of plyometric cardio circuit and we are moving on tomorrow night!

Anyway, although I thought it would be very hard to workout this morning and stay motivated to good throughout the day it surprisingly became easier and I had much more energy for a longer period of time than I thought I was going to have!

Today was very successful! Stay tuned to hear the many more days to come!



Home sweet home! (8/11/14)

Hey guys!

As you know if you have been keeping up with my posts, I went on a little mini vacation to Austin for several days. Therefore, that’s why I have not had time to post since the end of last week.

The trip was interesting to say the least I was able to try a couple “healthier” restaurant options while out like “The Steeping Room” in Austin. But, I must be honest and say that I did not do as well as I was planning on doing. It was vacation so I ended up having several “have to try” meals while out of town.

But, on another note I participated in A LOT of physical activities. We walked everywhere we went while we were there. Also, we went water biking which was very fun. It was a very good leg workout as well! Had to work very hard cycling while on the lake so it was definitely a good workout.

Tomorrow is a new day and back to normal and hitting harder than before! Will be waking up before work to go to the gym and do cardio then after work we will be starting insanity! I’m so excited as well as nervous too!

Stay tuned to hear about my insanity experience!


Who wants a brown salad?! (8/6/14)

So.. Had an emergency this morning and had to hurry and leave my apartment unexpectedly to take care of something. By the time I finished what I was doing I quickly realized it was already almost noon and I had not had anything to eat all day and I was still out and about. So, I stopped by McDonalds and decided to get a salad from there.

Well, I went to the McDonalds inside of a nearby Walmart (because I was already there) and bought my salad from there. I took it to go and then realized upon opening it up to eat it that my lettuce was BROWN!!! It was BROWN and definitely BAD! So I was able to pick the grilled chicken and have that by it self. I was so grossed out because I had ate a very little of it that my stomach was upset the entire rest of the day.

So…7pm rolls around and I STILL hadn’t had anything all day but very little grilled chicken and I was STARVING at this point that I couldn’t even wait to have a cooked meal. So, I decided to use a cheat meal and ended up having Taco Bell. I know that this was not a very successful day of eating “right” and “healthy” but like I said before I am not perfect and I do have both good meals as well as cheat meals! But, I do not sugar coat anything on this blog! This is my truth place!

But to end on a more positive note, when I woke up I must had that I was another 2lbs lighter weighing in at 228lbs!! Therefore, I deserved this cheat meal since the last week has been amazing and I did very well. I also picked up Insanity today which I along with my roommate and her sister will be starting next week when we get back from vacation!

Well, we leave tomorrow morning for Austin so stay tuned to hear how the trip does!


Another successful day with new recipes (8/5/14)

Today was yet another successful day! When I woke up I had to go to a boring CPR training class at work. As I was finished getting ready I realized that I did not have time to actually cook breakfast. I was in a time crunch so I stopped by the local gas station and was able to get yoplait yogurt to eat on the way for there.

By the time, I came home I was starving but it wasn’t time for lunch yet. So I grabbed a apple to snack on and it was delicious and definitely held me over until lunch. Today I was thinking before lunch and had the desire to try something new again so I started comparing what groceries we had in the kitchen and recipes. Then I started my adventure of trying something new for lunch that I found. I cooked roasted chicken with balsamic peppers and it was absolutely amazing. I was very proud to find yet another healthy recipe to add to my collection.

When it came to dinner time, my roommate was in charge of cooking dinner. She decided to try a new recipe as well. She made turkey chili with gluten free corn bread. It was fantastic. We are definitely on a roll with all the new meals we are trying to broaden our horizons. So that we are not having to get bored eating the same meals over and over. So needless to say, today was a good fulfilled day with healthy food!

So… We are getting ready to leave Thursday and spend four nights in Austin and I am getting nervous about the meal planning so that we can stay on track. But, I have already started planning when we get down there the items we will go to the store to get so that we will have healthy ready to go snack and meal options. So stay tuned to hear about our Austin trip!


Check out my lunch recipe:

Check out my dinner recipe:

Here is to trying something new (8/4/14)

Today was a productive day to say the least! As soon as I woke up I was so excited to weigh in and get an updated weight to share with you guys!

Therefore, that is the first thing I did. Drum roll please… I weighed in this morning at 230lbs exactly! This is the smallest I have been since I can remember. That’s a total weightless so far of 65lbs and I could not be happier at this point in my life. After waking up and relaxing for a minute or two, I was sure to eat my breakfast within the first 30 minutes of waking up. I had oatmeal for breakfast which I love just plain with very little sea salt and pepper. I know I’m strange but I love it that way!

Then, I had a productive day of cleaning and bill planning. Before I knew it, it was already a little passed 12 and I freaked out because I realized we had not much chicken breast for both my roommate and I for lunch. I wanted to eat lunch on time so I went on cooking the chicken we did have, brown rice and green peppers for the both of us. I decided to mix mine together and substitute a little more green peppers than chicken since we did not have a lot. My lunch turned out very good and still healthy even in a time where it was limited. I believe I handled it well instead of eating many of the “easy places” nearby that are very unhealthy. For example, did I ever mentioned we live RIGHT BEHIND a Taco Bell. Like seriously!? Why do we have to live so close? But, regardless lunch was successful.

After lunch, I went Aldi (which I absolutely LOVE) and picked up more grilled chicken, a couple green apples to snack on when I am hungry, and I also found Fit & Active Pink Lemonade! I was very excited to find something that could add some flavor into my life because we all know that just water does get annoying after some time! I also grabbed “dill pickles” while I was at Aldi so that just in case I get that late night desire to have a “snack” I am able to grab a pickle and satisfy that urge.

I was feeling adventurous when dinner arrived and decided I wanted to try to make healthy chicken nuggets and mashed cauliflower. Needless to say the mashed cauliflower was NOT my favorite and I did not like it at all. But, hey you will not ever know what you don’t like unless you try it! But, the chicken nuggets definitely made up for it because they were absolutely amazing and definitely a hit! So excited to continue trying to things since I am able to open my horizons with different healthy options now that I have dropped off the initial weight.

Today and the last several days have been very successful in making sure that I am making smart and healthy decisions!


Check out the recipe I used for the healthy chicken nuggets:

My first 3k run

Yesterday I experienced my first 3k run. This is a big deal because I have never went and participated in any group run event. But, my cousin encouraged me to sign up with her. And to be honest my anxiety became so bad before the day of the event arrived I would have changed my mind about going at the last minute if I didn’t want to let my cousin down. So I made myself go although I was so nervous the entire way there.

But, I have to say I ended up having a really good time and would absolutely love to participate in more similar events. As matter of fact, I plan to do so in the near future. It was an awesome experience and I really enjoyed it.

I am so glad I stepped beyond my comfort zone and decided to participate in a fun run race such as this one and would strongly recommend it to others!


When it all started…

One normal day at the end of March 2014, I decided to step on the scale after I had not done so in months. Quickly I realized that I weighed 295lbs! This was the biggest that I had ever been and I was almost at 300lbs! That day i realized that I had to make a change.

So shortly after, I decided I would do
some research and promised that as of February 1, 2014 everything would be different. Anyone that knows me and the lifestyle I lived when I was younger would know that the main and only foods I consumed were French fries, pizza, pasta, fried chicken, etc. I had not touched a fruit or vegetable prior to starting this journey! I have experienced to so many new foods that I never knew existed and are actually good for you.

Once I made this lifestyle change decision, I joined Planet Fitness which is a local gym and cleaned out my apartment of all food so that I could start over fresh with healthier food choices. My main goal starting off was to get use to going to the gym and being active as well as eating clean and making smart food choices.

When I began, I was very strict on myself and had the same meals everyday.
Everyday consisted of:
-Breakfast: Oatmeal
-Lunch: Salad
-Dinner: Chicken & broccoli

It was that way every single day for two months with one reward meal a week to look forward to. This gave me the opportunity to kick out the fast food and many of the carbs (that I loved). This worked out really well in jump starting my lifestyle change. After hitting my 50lb loss, only a few months after starting and witnessing my change in not only my body but my entire life interaction with everyone I came in contact with. Individuals started coming up to me at work that I was not even familiar with wanting me to share my story about what I was doing and to let me know that I looked great. The overwhelming joy that this brought me encouraged me to push forward everyday and strive to continue this journey. I have had many obstacles along the way, and I do have bad days as mentioned before that I decide to make poor eating choices but the most important thing is majority of my life is now consumed with eating better and making smarter choices. The feeling that I have experienced watching my arms and legs get smaller and more toned, my face have more definition and a more slim shape is the best feeling in the world. My attitude has became more social and interactive with everyone because I am no longer ashamed of myself or hiding in a hole makes it all worthwhile. It has completely changed my life and I am excited to share my experience daily from here on out.

I have not weighed in a few days so I plan to do so tomorrow morning but here is where you get to anticipate my weigh in when you tune in for my post tomorrow to see how much I now weigh!