Holidays typically means food so stand your ground!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to drop in with an update. As everyone knows its the holiday season which means food and lots of it! This means that we must be careful and not loose track of what we have going! There is nothing wrong with enjoying food if you choose to but that being said if your going to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to your portion sizes and also still limit your choices. It is very important not to loose track because that last five pounds that may have taken you forever to loose can come back instantaneously!!

That being said I am very proud of myself and would like to share that I have had two big holiday celebrations this weekend. Friday night I had a Christmas party and Saturday I had a family Christmas gathering. Both which had food and LOTS of it. I’m talking the home cooked comfort meal mash potatoes, Mac n cheese, beans, etc. (Who doesn’t absolutely love that kinda home cooked meal) BUT I know myself and my body better than anyone else. I personally knew that if I had even a little of that kinda food I would only crave more and put myself through the risk of completely messing up what I have going. Therefore, I decided to eat my food that was better for my body before the events that way I would be full when it started and would not have to be tempted to eat what everyone else was eating. During BOTH, gathering I did not eat one bite of all the food that was being served!! Yeah it was a bummer to watch everyone else eat but I know what I have worked so hard for and do not want to mess that up. I am so extremely proud of myself and always give myself praise!

There used to be a time where I praised myself and rewarded myself with food until I realized that is no way to live! That is only contradicting my entire theory of loving my body and wanting to take care of it. Therefore, I moved on to praises such as recognizing that I do believe I am beautiful and making myself feel like a winner by complimenting myself. Acknowledging that I know I am doing a good job!

I hope that I can continue to motivate others everyday because YOU are beautiful and YOU are worth it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!



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