“Some people dream about success while others wake up and work hard for it.” (8/23/14)

This last week has been SO tough to stay on track with eating healthy because I have been so busy with classes that started which can become stressful. But, I had a successful week and did not ANYTHING that was bad for me all week and managed to track ALL my intake on my fitness pal.

I made a goal that I can look forward to every week because this has worked for me in the past that if I do well all week I can have one cheat meal (typically on a weekend night). Therefore, tonight I was able to go out and enjoy Mexican food.

This entire process of eating healthy has not only improved my body physically but it also has mentally made me more knowledgable. The reason being is because every time I become curious about certain things that are good for you or what is better to take in within your body I am always quick to do research and find out the answers. For example, I had grits the other morning instead of my normal oatmeal then I became curious on the difference in which one is better for you. Any information that I get I will be more than happy to include as well.

The other night I also tried a new recipe that was “skinny fettuccine Alfredo pasta with shrimp”. It was very tasty although the texture of the sauce could have been alternated a bit. But hey it was my first time making it and regardless is was delicious!

Lately, people have been coming up to me and expressing how proud of me they are and how inspiring I am. This has gave me such an awesome feeling that I could have this impact on others without even realizing it.

This is random but I’m really nervous about getting my bridesmaid’s dress in the mail to see how it fits. I’m hoping it is perfect and fits but stay tuned to find out! I ordered the size I thought would be best but it is a smaller dress size than I have wore in years.

Stay tuned until next time!




“Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo” recipe:

“Grits vs oatmeal?”


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