So much to tell! (8/20/14)

First and foremost let apologize for not posting the last few days. I started classes this week, got a brand new puppy, and things have been pretty hectic and keeping me busy.

That being said, I have several new things to share with everyone. First, let me say that I had the opportunity to try Jazzercise and ABSOLUTELY fell in love with it. It was so much fun while working out all parts of my body. Before I realized it, I had been constantly moving for an hour without even realizing it. So now that leaves me contemplating would I like to keep paying for a gym membership or jazzercise? I’m definitely going to give jazzercise a shot because I had so much fun. Also, I found myself getting bored with the gym and the receptiveness. With jazzercise, there are different instructors, different methods, different music, etc therefore keeps you going. I already can’t wait until the next time I go back.

Another positive aspect of the day is that I bought new workout clothes as well as shoes. I am super excited to workout and feel even more comfortable while doing so!

I also got a new puppy and she is absolutely adorable. But, it is definitely not easy! I am taking her downstairs when I am home every 30 minutes to go to the bathroom so she can get used to it. Did I mention we live on the third floor? This is definitely a good way to keep me active and on my feet!

I have done really good the last two days. We even went to Applebee’s tonight and I got the signature sirloin steak with garlic lime shrimp which was under 500 calories and super tasty! I have been keeping track of all my food that I take in on my fitness pal and that has helped me stay under calories and on track.

I look forward to posting as much as I can regardless of my classes and being busy. Just be patient with me and stay tuned for my next post!






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