Another day bites the dust! (8/13/14)

When I woke up, I honestly thought I was dying because I was unbelievably sore all over. It was so hard to get up and go to the gym at 4:30am this morning because all I wanted to do was sleep. Anyway, I ended up going and did not regret it at all!

I finished week one day two of the ‘C25K free’ app this morning at the gym. Then, went to work for 12 hours. I was able to have a pretty good meal plan today as well.

Breakfast: 2 eggs
Snack: 10 peanut butter filled pretzels
Lunch: spinach wrap with veggies
Dinner: bell pepper stuffed with ground turkey meat

When arriving at home and having dinner, I did the second night of insanity with the girls. It was very hard since I was already previously sore. Today we did “Cardio power & resistance”. Although it was hard, we successful completed it! I do not plan to weigh in until Sunday and announce my progress!

Stay tuned to hear how tomorrow goes!




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