Hardcore beating today! (8/12/14)

Starting the day off I was already nervous because it was the first full day back from Austin and getting on track. Those days are usually the hardest!

But, I woke up at 4:30 as planned and went to the gym. I was able to get some cardio in at the gym and started a new training app. It is the app called “C25K free”. It trains you through the weeks to be able to build your endurance and do a 5K. Which works out perfectly because there is a glow in the dark 5K in November that I would like to do and participate in. If anyone would like to do it with me let me know! Therefore, that is my goal is to make it through this training app

Throughout the day at work, I did eat well. My meals throughout the day included:
Breakfast: 2 eggs
Snack: pretzels and peanut butter
Lunch: chicken salad
Snack: green apple
Dinner: skinny taste healthy chicken nuggets with a baked sweet potato

When getting home from working 12 hours and having dinner, me and the girls tried insanity for the first time tonight! Needless to say, it kicked our butt! It had me sweating so much and was much more difficult than I expected. But, that’s okay because it will show great results and be completely worth it in the end! I did 45 minutes of plyometric cardio circuit and we are moving on tomorrow night!

Anyway, although I thought it would be very hard to workout this morning and stay motivated to good throughout the day it surprisingly became easier and I had much more energy for a longer period of time than I thought I was going to have!

Today was very successful! Stay tuned to hear the many more days to come!



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