Home sweet home! (8/11/14)

Hey guys!

As you know if you have been keeping up with my posts, I went on a little mini vacation to Austin for several days. Therefore, that’s why I have not had time to post since the end of last week.

The trip was interesting to say the least I was able to try a couple “healthier” restaurant options while out like “The Steeping Room” in Austin. But, I must be honest and say that I did not do as well as I was planning on doing. It was vacation so I ended up having several “have to try” meals while out of town.

But, on another note I participated in A LOT of physical activities. We walked everywhere we went while we were there. Also, we went water biking which was very fun. It was a very good leg workout as well! Had to work very hard cycling while on the lake so it was definitely a good workout.

Tomorrow is a new day and back to normal and hitting harder than before! Will be waking up before work to go to the gym and do cardio then after work we will be starting insanity! I’m so excited as well as nervous too!

Stay tuned to hear about my insanity experience!



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