Who wants a brown salad?! (8/6/14)

So.. Had an emergency this morning and had to hurry and leave my apartment unexpectedly to take care of something. By the time I finished what I was doing I quickly realized it was already almost noon and I had not had anything to eat all day and I was still out and about. So, I stopped by McDonalds and decided to get a salad from there.

Well, I went to the McDonalds inside of a nearby Walmart (because I was already there) and bought my salad from there. I took it to go and then realized upon opening it up to eat it that my lettuce was BROWN!!! It was BROWN and definitely BAD! So I was able to pick the grilled chicken and have that by it self. I was so grossed out because I had ate a very little of it that my stomach was upset the entire rest of the day.

So…7pm rolls around and I STILL hadn’t had anything all day but very little grilled chicken and I was STARVING at this point that I couldn’t even wait to have a cooked meal. So, I decided to use a cheat meal and ended up having Taco Bell. I know that this was not a very successful day of eating “right” and “healthy” but like I said before I am not perfect and I do have both good meals as well as cheat meals! But, I do not sugar coat anything on this blog! This is my truth place!

But to end on a more positive note, when I woke up I must had that I was another 2lbs lighter weighing in at 228lbs!! Therefore, I deserved this cheat meal since the last week has been amazing and I did very well. I also picked up Insanity today which I along with my roommate and her sister will be starting next week when we get back from vacation!

Well, we leave tomorrow morning for Austin so stay tuned to hear how the trip does!



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