Another successful day with new recipes (8/5/14)

Today was yet another successful day! When I woke up I had to go to a boring CPR training class at work. As I was finished getting ready I realized that I did not have time to actually cook breakfast. I was in a time crunch so I stopped by the local gas station and was able to get yoplait yogurt to eat on the way for there.

By the time, I came home I was starving but it wasn’t time for lunch yet. So I grabbed a apple to snack on and it was delicious and definitely held me over until lunch. Today I was thinking before lunch and had the desire to try something new again so I started comparing what groceries we had in the kitchen and recipes. Then I started my adventure of trying something new for lunch that I found. I cooked roasted chicken with balsamic peppers and it was absolutely amazing. I was very proud to find yet another healthy recipe to add to my collection.

When it came to dinner time, my roommate was in charge of cooking dinner. She decided to try a new recipe as well. She made turkey chili with gluten free corn bread. It was fantastic. We are definitely on a roll with all the new meals we are trying to broaden our horizons. So that we are not having to get bored eating the same meals over and over. So needless to say, today was a good fulfilled day with healthy food!

So… We are getting ready to leave Thursday and spend four nights in Austin and I am getting nervous about the meal planning so that we can stay on track. But, I have already started planning when we get down there the items we will go to the store to get so that we will have healthy ready to go snack and meal options. So stay tuned to hear about our Austin trip!


Check out my lunch recipe:

Check out my dinner recipe:


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