Here is to trying something new (8/4/14)

Today was a productive day to say the least! As soon as I woke up I was so excited to weigh in and get an updated weight to share with you guys!

Therefore, that is the first thing I did. Drum roll please… I weighed in this morning at 230lbs exactly! This is the smallest I have been since I can remember. That’s a total weightless so far of 65lbs and I could not be happier at this point in my life. After waking up and relaxing for a minute or two, I was sure to eat my breakfast within the first 30 minutes of waking up. I had oatmeal for breakfast which I love just plain with very little sea salt and pepper. I know I’m strange but I love it that way!

Then, I had a productive day of cleaning and bill planning. Before I knew it, it was already a little passed 12 and I freaked out because I realized we had not much chicken breast for both my roommate and I for lunch. I wanted to eat lunch on time so I went on cooking the chicken we did have, brown rice and green peppers for the both of us. I decided to mix mine together and substitute a little more green peppers than chicken since we did not have a lot. My lunch turned out very good and still healthy even in a time where it was limited. I believe I handled it well instead of eating many of the “easy places” nearby that are very unhealthy. For example, did I ever mentioned we live RIGHT BEHIND a Taco Bell. Like seriously!? Why do we have to live so close? But, regardless lunch was successful.

After lunch, I went Aldi (which I absolutely LOVE) and picked up more grilled chicken, a couple green apples to snack on when I am hungry, and I also found Fit & Active Pink Lemonade! I was very excited to find something that could add some flavor into my life because we all know that just water does get annoying after some time! I also grabbed “dill pickles” while I was at Aldi so that just in case I get that late night desire to have a “snack” I am able to grab a pickle and satisfy that urge.

I was feeling adventurous when dinner arrived and decided I wanted to try to make healthy chicken nuggets and mashed cauliflower. Needless to say the mashed cauliflower was NOT my favorite and I did not like it at all. But, hey you will not ever know what you don’t like unless you try it! But, the chicken nuggets definitely made up for it because they were absolutely amazing and definitely a hit! So excited to continue trying to things since I am able to open my horizons with different healthy options now that I have dropped off the initial weight.

Today and the last several days have been very successful in making sure that I am making smart and healthy decisions!


Check out the recipe I used for the healthy chicken nuggets:


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