When it all started…

One normal day at the end of March 2014, I decided to step on the scale after I had not done so in months. Quickly I realized that I weighed 295lbs! This was the biggest that I had ever been and I was almost at 300lbs! That day i realized that I had to make a change.

So shortly after, I decided I would do
some research and promised that as of February 1, 2014 everything would be different. Anyone that knows me and the lifestyle I lived when I was younger would know that the main and only foods I consumed were French fries, pizza, pasta, fried chicken, etc. I had not touched a fruit or vegetable prior to starting this journey! I have experienced to so many new foods that I never knew existed and are actually good for you.

Once I made this lifestyle change decision, I joined Planet Fitness which is a local gym and cleaned out my apartment of all food so that I could start over fresh with healthier food choices. My main goal starting off was to get use to going to the gym and being active as well as eating clean and making smart food choices.

When I began, I was very strict on myself and had the same meals everyday.
Everyday consisted of:
-Breakfast: Oatmeal
-Lunch: Salad
-Dinner: Chicken & broccoli

It was that way every single day for two months with one reward meal a week to look forward to. This gave me the opportunity to kick out the fast food and many of the carbs (that I loved). This worked out really well in jump starting my lifestyle change. After hitting my 50lb loss, only a few months after starting and witnessing my change in not only my body but my entire life interaction with everyone I came in contact with. Individuals started coming up to me at work that I was not even familiar with wanting me to share my story about what I was doing and to let me know that I looked great. The overwhelming joy that this brought me encouraged me to push forward everyday and strive to continue this journey. I have had many obstacles along the way, and I do have bad days as mentioned before that I decide to make poor eating choices but the most important thing is majority of my life is now consumed with eating better and making smarter choices. The feeling that I have experienced watching my arms and legs get smaller and more toned, my face have more definition and a more slim shape is the best feeling in the world. My attitude has became more social and interactive with everyone because I am no longer ashamed of myself or hiding in a hole makes it all worthwhile. It has completely changed my life and I am excited to share my experience daily from here on out.

I have not weighed in a few days so I plan to do so tomorrow morning but here is where you get to anticipate my weigh in when you tune in for my post tomorrow to see how much I now weigh!


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