Holidays typically means food so stand your ground!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to drop in with an update. As everyone knows its the holiday season which means food and lots of it! This means that we must be careful and not loose track of what we have going! There is nothing wrong with enjoying food if you choose to but that being said if your going to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to your portion sizes and also still limit your choices. It is very important not to loose track because that last five pounds that may have taken you forever to loose can come back instantaneously!!

That being said I am very proud of myself and would like to share that I have had two big holiday celebrations this weekend. Friday night I had a Christmas party and Saturday I had a family Christmas gathering. Both which had food and LOTS of it. I’m talking the home cooked comfort meal mash potatoes, Mac n cheese, beans, etc. (Who doesn’t absolutely love that kinda home cooked meal) BUT I know myself and my body better than anyone else. I personally knew that if I had even a little of that kinda food I would only crave more and put myself through the risk of completely messing up what I have going. Therefore, I decided to eat my food that was better for my body before the events that way I would be full when it started and would not have to be tempted to eat what everyone else was eating. During BOTH, gathering I did not eat one bite of all the food that was being served!! Yeah it was a bummer to watch everyone else eat but I know what I have worked so hard for and do not want to mess that up. I am so extremely proud of myself and always give myself praise!

There used to be a time where I praised myself and rewarded myself with food until I realized that is no way to live! That is only contradicting my entire theory of loving my body and wanting to take care of it. Therefore, I moved on to praises such as recognizing that I do believe I am beautiful and making myself feel like a winner by complimenting myself. Acknowledging that I know I am doing a good job!

I hope that I can continue to motivate others everyday because YOU are beautiful and YOU are worth it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!



“Within arm’s reach.”

Today has been a GREAT day!
When waking up I did my daily weigh in and found that I am at a total weight loss of 90lbs! 10 lbs from my first huge milestone that I set to accomplish before February! I’m beyond excited.

I also went looking for an outfit for a Christmas party and ended up finding a cute adult onsie Christmas outfit. Must I mention that it was sized as “small/medium” and this immediately made my day when I realized that it fit. It is so crazy to believe that I am in a size that I have NEVER seen in my entire life.

I am so proud of myself and I am excited to continue this journey and maintain my determination as it gets stronger and stronger.

Thought I would share a quick blog update while I was thinking about it!

Thank you so much for all the support!



“When you feel like quitting think about why you started.” (12/13/14)

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. I want to first take the time to apologize because I have not been on here in a little while but I would like to change that and be sure to keep up with the blog. Although, I have not had time with keeping up with the blog (having two jobs and taking classes at one point can do that) I have still remained dedicated to taking care of my body. I have several updates since I have been on the blog last. At the beginning of November, I started the Advocare 24 day challenge and did that right up until the day before Thanksgiving. I did enjoy trying a different avenue and was successful in loosing 15lbs and would definitely recommend it to others.

As of December 1st I made the decision to become vegetarian after doing a lot of research and reading. This was a personal choice that I made on my own. Some individuals may ask if I did this as another challenge to assist with weight loss and the answer is no. It has been just about two weeks since I have had meat and it is going well. It is definitely a learning process most definitely for me but completely worth it. As I was before, I am always cooking new recipes to try. This avenue has definitely opened my eyes and made me investigate what is within my food before I eat it. Needless to say, I will still continue to share recipes but they obviously will not have meat in them. 😉

My update on weight I have lost since February 1st, 2014 is 85 lbs. Therefore, I need to loose 15 lbs before February 2015 to reach my goal! I will not be posting every single day but there may be days that I do decide to share multiple days in a row. I am not going to put a schedule or what not on my blogs but feel free to follow! 🙂

“You have to resist temptation if you want to reach your destination.” (8/30/14)

Hey there everyone!

I am back with an update on how everything is going and everything is going great! I reached a total weight loss of 70lbs this week since February and could not be more happy the closer and closer I get to my goal. At the beginning of the week, I had realized that I was at a small plateau AGAIN and was not moving much on the scale. Therefore, I decided to alter my diet just a little to kickstart me and get me passed that ‘hump in the road’. So, I decided to cut out certain carbs such as brown rice and sweet potatoes for a couple weeks. Although I know that these items are not terrible for you this would give me the opportunity to get through my plateau and it was successful by the end of the week! 

There has been so much temptation happening around me and I am so proud to say that I have done so great in resisting temptation and staying on track giving it 100%. For example, when people around me go to the store and all get chips, snack food, etc and I have to watch them eat them it gets tough but I did it! Or when I go to work and they have the pasta bar (and everyone should know how much I love pasta!) it gets so tough but I just keep thinking that the destination that I am determined to get to is in sight and will make it all worth it. How about when everyone at my apartment when we have friends over want food and I volunteer to go pick it up and have to go through Whataburger AND Taco Bell to pick up food for everyone and I manage not to get anything! Times to get tough but I am so proud to say that I have been strong and kept my mind focused on the final destination that I am trying to reach. 

I have to brag for a minute and share how great I have been doing with coming up with random combinations of ingredients for dinner meals when I have been working long hours all day, have homework, and do not feel like slaving over the stove for hours on in. All my meals have turned out awesome and I am so proud that I am learning so much and learning how to cook so many different types of meals. This not only helps me now but it will be extremely helpful in the future. I plan on making a recipe box very soon to keep up with all the different recipes I find that I will be more than happy to share with everyone! 

I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone on updating on my progress!10649551_881113731900663_2754795622408896608_n

“Some people dream about success while others wake up and work hard for it.” (8/23/14)

This last week has been SO tough to stay on track with eating healthy because I have been so busy with classes that started which can become stressful. But, I had a successful week and did not ANYTHING that was bad for me all week and managed to track ALL my intake on my fitness pal.

I made a goal that I can look forward to every week because this has worked for me in the past that if I do well all week I can have one cheat meal (typically on a weekend night). Therefore, tonight I was able to go out and enjoy Mexican food.

This entire process of eating healthy has not only improved my body physically but it also has mentally made me more knowledgable. The reason being is because every time I become curious about certain things that are good for you or what is better to take in within your body I am always quick to do research and find out the answers. For example, I had grits the other morning instead of my normal oatmeal then I became curious on the difference in which one is better for you. Any information that I get I will be more than happy to include as well.

The other night I also tried a new recipe that was “skinny fettuccine Alfredo pasta with shrimp”. It was very tasty although the texture of the sauce could have been alternated a bit. But hey it was my first time making it and regardless is was delicious!

Lately, people have been coming up to me and expressing how proud of me they are and how inspiring I am. This has gave me such an awesome feeling that I could have this impact on others without even realizing it.

This is random but I’m really nervous about getting my bridesmaid’s dress in the mail to see how it fits. I’m hoping it is perfect and fits but stay tuned to find out! I ordered the size I thought would be best but it is a smaller dress size than I have wore in years.

Stay tuned until next time!




“Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo” recipe:

“Grits vs oatmeal?”

So much to tell! (8/20/14)

First and foremost let apologize for not posting the last few days. I started classes this week, got a brand new puppy, and things have been pretty hectic and keeping me busy.

That being said, I have several new things to share with everyone. First, let me say that I had the opportunity to try Jazzercise and ABSOLUTELY fell in love with it. It was so much fun while working out all parts of my body. Before I realized it, I had been constantly moving for an hour without even realizing it. So now that leaves me contemplating would I like to keep paying for a gym membership or jazzercise? I’m definitely going to give jazzercise a shot because I had so much fun. Also, I found myself getting bored with the gym and the receptiveness. With jazzercise, there are different instructors, different methods, different music, etc therefore keeps you going. I already can’t wait until the next time I go back.

Another positive aspect of the day is that I bought new workout clothes as well as shoes. I am super excited to workout and feel even more comfortable while doing so!

I also got a new puppy and she is absolutely adorable. But, it is definitely not easy! I am taking her downstairs when I am home every 30 minutes to go to the bathroom so she can get used to it. Did I mention we live on the third floor? This is definitely a good way to keep me active and on my feet!

I have done really good the last two days. We even went to Applebee’s tonight and I got the signature sirloin steak with garlic lime shrimp which was under 500 calories and super tasty! I have been keeping track of all my food that I take in on my fitness pal and that has helped me stay under calories and on track.

I look forward to posting as much as I can regardless of my classes and being busy. Just be patient with me and stay tuned for my next post!





Another day bites the dust! (8/13/14)

When I woke up, I honestly thought I was dying because I was unbelievably sore all over. It was so hard to get up and go to the gym at 4:30am this morning because all I wanted to do was sleep. Anyway, I ended up going and did not regret it at all!

I finished week one day two of the ‘C25K free’ app this morning at the gym. Then, went to work for 12 hours. I was able to have a pretty good meal plan today as well.

Breakfast: 2 eggs
Snack: 10 peanut butter filled pretzels
Lunch: spinach wrap with veggies
Dinner: bell pepper stuffed with ground turkey meat

When arriving at home and having dinner, I did the second night of insanity with the girls. It was very hard since I was already previously sore. Today we did “Cardio power & resistance”. Although it was hard, we successful completed it! I do not plan to weigh in until Sunday and announce my progress!

Stay tuned to hear how tomorrow goes!